This is one of the most terrible moments for Ecuador. We are dealing with a massive destruction in Manabi Province and Esmeraldas (other provinces have lost homes, but there not many deaths confirmed). We need all the help you can get/send. Our government is doing their part, but we need more help. The country will soon feel the need of the most important basics: water, plastic bags for human corpses and plastic bags for trash, more water, vitamins, diapers for babies, canned/dry food, and basic medicine… and this is only the beginning. We will need funds and materials and supporting groups of people to start reconstruction. Any funds you could get/send, and any of these items you can send them through the official government channels, or you can do it through the church. We have an international bank account:

Iglesia Bautista Israel
Bank of America
Checking Account #898071906028
Swift Code: BOFAUS3N

Also, we have a bank account in Ecuador:

Name: Iglesia Bautista Israel
Church address: Víctor Emilio Estrada 822 e Higueras
Bank: Banco del Pacífico
Checking account #07257457
Swift Code: PACIECEG
Bank address: P. Icaza y Pichincha
Guayaquil – Ecuador

For more details, write us an email at
Thank you for your prayers and support.

Church approach to earthquake sites

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