SPAN works with groups of pastors and christian leaders around the world who cooperate with each other on projects to benefit people in their regions. Because these leaders live in these communities, they are personally affected by disasters and have local workers who can help in meeting the needs of suffering people around them. We are currently assessing needs with their input, and will begin resourcing these groups as funds allow. Along with the bigger scale investments of larger organizations, the personal touch from christian people in their midst lending a hand will make a big difference in affected communities. Last year span was able to help in earthquake recovery after Nepal ‘ devastating quakes, and two years before helped in typhoon ravaged areas of the Philippines.


SPAN Relief┬áis a branch of SPAN (Strategic Partners Among Nations) which is a 501(c)(3) (68-0327187) missions organization made up of Christians from numerous church affiliations who are working together to further the influence of God’s kingdom.

SPAN Relief is made up of a group of volunteers from all over the world to help local volunteers in devastated areas to bring relief with food, clean drinking water, clothing, blankets, medical assistance as well as help the areas who were affected by natural disasters to rebuild their communities especially churches that has been destroyed by the devastation of typhoons, earthquakes, hurricanes, fires and any other natural disasters.

The GOAL of SPAN RELIEF: Have the community come together and help one another through the churches, rebuild their lives in their areas.