Jonathan Morris


Jonathan has been traveling to various nations for the last few years, training leaders and leading evangelism and church planting teams. He’s seen more than 100,000 come to faith in Christ, and hundreds of new churches and Christian groups started. Currently, his short-term campaigns are focused in the Philippines, Russia, South Asia, and East Africa.

Jonathan is passionate about bringing people to Christ and making disciples in many regions of the world. Through his work in SPAN, he wants to see ‘people’ movements to Christ and ‘church planting’ movements so that Christ can be worshipped “in every village.”

Since 1970, he has pastored churches in the United States. He currently pastors a church in Malibu, California, USA.

Jonathan lives with his wife, Cathy, in Santa Rosa, California. His five grown children live in various locales around the United States. Currently there are twelve grandchildren.

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Juan V.

Pastor Juan, born and raised in Venezuela, is dedicated to staying in Venezuela throughout these hard times to aide his fellow citizens and preach the word of the gospel. Juan also helps support fellow pastors in his area in whatever way he can.





Pastor Victor was led to leave his primary career as an urban development architect to preach the gospel of Christ in Ecuador and surrounding nations. He tirelessly trains pastors and leaders to effectively evangelize, make Disciples of Christ and plant churches. He travels throughout the year, mostly developing work with CMC in Latin America and Caribbean nations. Victor lives with his wife Betty in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

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