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SPAN Relief has a network of pastors Venezuela who are already helping people around their country in any way that they can. Some times it comes in the form or ministry or money for food when it can be spared.

Currently we are raising money to support our pastors as well as pastors and people around them fed and buy medicine as needed*


Venezuela is currently suffering a complete collapse of its government and economy. This has led to SEVERE food shortages as well as medical supply shortages and a shortage of many other basic necessities. People have even quit there jobs to stand in line at grocery stores full time. Others have resorted to rioting and robbery.


Due to hyper inflation, people who are working are not making nearly enough to buy food. It was estimated by our pastor Juan V. that in order to buy one months worth of food, you need 15x your basic salary. Every week the price of food goes up, and this is excluding the costs in the black market.


What SPAN does is provides a regular flow of money, enough to support are team and pay for their necessities. Despite the Dollar having a far greater value than the Venezuelan currency, it is very costly to maintain our pastors in Venezuela, so we are now opening up the doors to donations to sustain our pastors for this year and the year to come!


Here’s what we’ve been doing in Venezuela

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Founder of SPAN




Pastor & Volunteer from Venezuela


My name is Juan. I was born and raised in Venezuela. I am in my 30’s and have a wife and my baby Sebastian (3 years old).
I am a national coordinator in Venezuela for CMC international. We have a network of pastors working hard in the great commission trying to launch a church planting movements, but right now Venezuela is in the midst of a crisis. We don’t have access to medicines, food, and many other things we need for every day living. Money is never enough because we are living  in hyper inflation where prices change each day and we never have a enough. We live a country right now where for you to be able to buy one week of food you need the money you make in 4 months… We have a massive amount of corruption in all areas of government, orphans in the street, and people have nothing to eat. Sometimes you have to be 9 hours in line in a supermarket to buy some food and many there isn’t enough food in the supermarkets, and next year will be even worse if everything keeps going this way, and it looks like that is going to happen. Me and my family believe God placed us in Venezuela for the reason, to reach our own people with the gospel and as much as possible I will stay in this country doing what God calls me to do: share the gospel and plant churches. With the money that people donate to CMC I help some of the pastors from our network in CMC. They are in need of money, please help us by prayer and donation in order to give more food to more people. We have to buy food in black market because there is no food in the stores (because of a lack of food, robberies and corruption) and the prices on the black market are killing us. Please help us, to help some more people!!!
Juan V.

A family in Line Outside a Pharmacy

People Waiting in Line for Groceries



*Our pastors and volunteers will use their best judgment in the purchasing and distribution