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SPAN Relief has a network of pastors, churches and volunteers in Ecuador who are already helping the earthquake victims. Most, if not all of the pastors and volunteers are native Ecuadorians whom we have worked with for years.

In this particular time of need, we are asking that you make a donation to help them buy supplies (water blankets, food etc) to distribute. An average Ecuadorian monthly wage is $300 a month and very few people have saving of any sort. They are in desperate need of supplies. Any donation you can make will go directly to our team of volunteers on the ground so that they can bring much needed food, water, medical supplies and more to the people most affected by the earthquake.*




Founder of SPAN




Pastor & Volunteer from Guayaquil Ecuador




Pastor & Volunteer from Guayaquil Ecuador




Pastor & Volunteer from Guayaquil Ecuador


I received your message. All support is welcome to help.

The government is doing their part, we have to be honest: the Ecuadorian people is helping the Ecuadorians.

But there is so much to do. Our baptist organization is helping through the baptists temples in the communities. I have no words to describe the scenario. Deaths, smells, plagues, destruction, people crying on the parks as they sleep on the grass with only sheets… and this is only Portoviejo, one the cities affected but not the worst.

They have no electricity, no water.

This is the list of things needed:

  • Bottled water (gallons, easier for distribution)
  • Dry food, crackers, cookies, tuna, sardines (with the easy open); no need of food to cook as they don’t have how to prepare yet. Further help may include rice, beans, and more dry/canned food.
  • Plastic cups, plates, spoons.
  • Plastic bags for trash (the big black ones)
  • Sheets, blankets, for people who sleep on the streets
  • Surgical masks (the death smell is super strong)
  • Mosquito repellents
  • Basic medicine, but essentially vitamins
  • Diapers for the babies
  • Sanitary towels (pads)

Later, as the electricity  is restored and the water pipes fixed, we will need tons of rice, beans, dry food, and all the non perishable food you can send. More bottled water.

The second stage of the relief is the reconstruction. We will need hands, not only funds; professional in engineering and architecture. Construction material will be possible to get in Guayaquil or Quito, but tools here are very expensive, so if any team would come from abroad, will need to bring tools or money to get them here.

I understand during these type of events many people get rich with the pain and poverty of others. I am not interested in personal or church benefits for myself or my organization. One of my pillar values is integrity.

Daniel Avila



*Our volunteers and pastors will use their best judgment in the purchasing and distribution